Introducing the BLOCK, a marble laptop stand that acts as an elegant and purposeful centerpiece for the modern workspace. Each BLOCK is milled from a 14-kilogram, 6-centimeter-thick slab of marble. de Dolomieu has chosen to work with Statuario, an attractive white marble in high demand and limited availability. Each slab is unique, hand-selected for its characteristic beauty of bold veining and intricate patterns.

Custom designed, BLOCK is a near-seamless extension of an Apple MacBook computer, raising an object of daily use onto a pedestal, marrying metal and stone into aesthetic harmony while matching the design quality and elegance of the computer it holds.

Yet BLOCK does not only function as an object to admire, it is pleasurable to use. The experience of sliding the notebook onto BLOCK is gratifying, the curves hugging the computer’s edges. The softly hand-polished surface is smooth and initially cool to the touch, warming only slightly from body heat. The marble itself is sumptuous. BLOCK is simply the most luxurious computer accessory to have ever been created.

BLOCK will be released in a limited quantity of 100 pieces, divided up between three different models for Apple’s range of notebook computers: BLOCK 12” for MacBook (mid-2015 and newer), BLOCK 13” and BLOCK 15” for MacBook Pro (late 2016 and newer). Prices range from €3,200 – €3,600 (excluding VAT).

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