A Cleaner and tidier laptop surface 

Qi wireless charger + Mouse pad, 2 in 1 creative product

TAKIESO MousePad+ is a 2-in-1 desktop product that combines a mouse pad and a mobile wireless charger. Less cable and saving your desktop space.

Always got a headache of massing around since there are plenty of stuff on your table surface. Some time it takes time to find cables and plug it when charging your phone.

Faster charging your phone at your fingertip

Now, People can’t live without mobile phones, even no tolerate the phone leaving your eyes for a second. MousePad+ uses the latest fast chipset, compatible with Qi charging standard, QC 2.0 fast charge support, Inadvertently completing the charging process. Especially, it is right there, at your finger tip, you can easily check your phone pop notice, messages and txt, even with your glance.

7.5W wireless charger for new iPhone

MousePad+ supports 7.5W high speed wireless charging for the iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus, as well as 5W, 10W and even up to 15W for Android devices.

MousePad+ is the first one support full range of the Qi standard devices on the market.

Portable and easy to go

When you are going out, business travel, in the Café, just unplug and fold the MousePad+, and take it with you anywhere you need for your mouse and mobile devices.