YouTube is a wonderful platform to create, share, consume and socialise. It also allows people to become internet celebrities on a global scale. 2016 saw the top 10 YouTube videos bring in over 550 million views which equates to 25 million hours of video intake. The list was determined by collecting trending videos based on views, shares, comments, likes and more. Below are the videos along with the uploader and the current view count.

1. The Late Late Show with James Corden, 136.9 million+ views

2. PIKOTARO OFFICIAL CHANNEL, 96 million+ views

3. What’s Inside, 59.5 million+ views

4. Nike Football, 57.3 million+ views

5. America’s Got Talent, 46.4 million+ views

6. Dude Perfect, 40 million+ views

7. Lip Sync Battle on Spike, 36.9 million+ views

8. LastWeekTonight, 30.7 million+ views

9. CaseyNeistat, 26.7 million+ views

10. Cabot Phillips, 21.8 million+ views